2000 series

Manufactured in the UK, the AST2000 series is designed to offer a consistent closing action with the minimum of resistance on the opening operation.

Comprising two door controls, the AST2001 (EN1 Power Size) and the AST2002 (EN2 Power Size) incorporating a unique hydraulic piston with a super-efficient spring and adjustable latching action.

The 2000 Series is range of unobtrusive, tamper-proof concealed door closers which make specifying closers simple and reliable. They are BBA-approved non-adjustable, fixed power closers which are equally well suited to new build and refurbishment projects.

Fire test evidence

Fire test conducted in accordance with BSEN1634-1

Performance Testing

Continuous in-house testing on approved rigs to 500,000 cycles


Easy to fit with the appropriate, approved 9002 installation kit. Complete instructions supplied with products and kits.

Installation instructions can be found here.


AST2001 for doors up to 800mm wide and AST2002 for doors up to 900mm wide. This super-efficient door control has an easy-to-open operation with a positive, controlled closing action. Ideal for refurbishment situations especially where the occupant needs to operate the door without too much resistance

Technical Data



2000 series line drawing