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CE Marked concealed closers offer sure fire alternative to overheads


Astra’s best-selling power size 3 3000 Series concealed door closer is fully CE Marked and independently fire tested, making it the perfect choice for fire doors. Fitted to the hinge-edge of doors in hotels, apartment entrances, schools, hospitals and commercial premises across the globe, the Astra 3003 closer is fully adjustable, fully controlled and much more aesthetically pleasing than the surface-mounted overhead alternatives.

The Astra 3003 closers’ quality design and build makes it perfect for high traffic applications, both commercial and residential - wherever a reliable, unobtrusive and attractive door closer is required.  Designed and manufactured in the UK with a exclusive hydraulic piston assembly, the Astra 3003 closer offer
s an adjustable, controlled rate of door closure together with an adjustable ‘snap action’ for overcoming the latch. This adjustability helps specifiers to achieve doors which comply with the Equality Act 2010, Building Regs, Approved Documents Q and M, PAS 24 for entrance doors and the RRO (Fire Safety Order).  The 3003 closer has been independently fire tested for ½ hour- and 1 hour-rated fire doors in accordance with BSEN 1634-1:2000 and BSEN 1634-1:1999. Astra also carries out its own continuous in-house testing up to half a million cycles.

Astra  CE-Marked, fire tested 3000 concealed closer is offering specifiers, contractors and clients across the globe a really viable alternative to unsightly surface-mounted overhead closes which are so easy to vandalise, often costly, and frequently require maintenance and repair. The Astra 3003 is one of four closers in the 3000 Series ranging in power size from one to four.

Astra is well known for its door closer range including the popular Gibraltar range. The Lancashire-based company can demonstrate many years experience in the sector and carries out all of its own R&D in-house. It exports its British door closers all across the globe via a network of distributors and partner companies.